Monday, June 22, 2009


I finished! This is the valance I made.

I almost didn't get it in my own kitchen, because when I showed my mom my progress yesterday, she said, "That would look great in my kitchen!" And that's just about all it takes to get me to say, "You can have it!" But, unlucky her, I'd already lost two purses that way in the last week alone.

I gotta draw the line somewhere.

It looks so perfect! I never truly realized how 'naked' the window looked before, but now that I see it all dressed up, it looks so homey and cozy and happy. *deep sigh*

This was the embroidered rooster piece that sort of inspired the whole thing. I found the pattern free online. (Click on the jpg file ~ in red ~ to download the pattern...other fun vintage patterns found here too!)

I used threads in the same greens and reds and browns that are in my kitchen, plus I did some of the flowers in fabric pieces that I also used in strips to create the valance itself.

I also sewed in a lining so it would look good from both inside and outside the house. Actually the lining is just plain old muslin/canvas material, so it doesn't look like much from outside, but at least you're not walking up to the front door and staring at the knots in the back of my amateurish embroidery!

And here we go. I may have mentioned how messy I am when I'm cooking....kind of a nightmare when I'm crafting, too. *cough*

Of course, this will have to wait until I've cuddled my little Scotty. BOTH of my boys are really needing some love right now, actually. Scotty for obvious reasons, but it's been hard on Tommy too.

So, first hugs, then this.


  1. i freakin love it! Your sending me that pattern right? LOVE IT!

  2. hmmm....I didn't use a pattern.... Actually, I probably never could figure out how to use a pattern for something like this (I find patterns very very confusing!) so I just sort of...wung it. Winged it? Eh. Anyway, it did involve a bit of engineering around how to get it all together, but it was probably a 'beginner's luck' situation for some of it!

    I will totally make you one, though! TOTALLY make you one! Just send me what size you'd want (actually, just the window width, if you just want a valance...I'll need how long you want it if you want a curtain/curtains). Do you like the colors too? Or do you want different colors?

    I'm totally serious!