Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Weekend

Another visit with Gram.

Another box of apples to process.

Another pile of laundry.

Another gig at the winery...always fun!

Another Halloween party! (Our dear friends were in DisneyLand last weekend, and both kids got sick, so they didn't get to 'do' they had a dress-up party on Sunday for friends. So much sweet goodness! Although, ahem, I've had just about all of THIS kind of sweet goodness that I can tolerate.)

Another year. (Erik's birthday is today!)

Another beautiful fall weekend! I've been working like crazy in the yards, trying to get the gardens put to sleep for the winter. It rained Friday and it could rain yet this evening, from the looks of this afternoon's sky, but both weekend days were beautiful. If you can believe, I harvested all these tomatoes and the eggplant on November 7th! And there's more of both, more basil, more squash...I just wonder. Do I let it all ride? Or is there some point when I just have to call it a day?

Currently scratching my head. Also...I'm thinking pizza sauce and fresh pasta this week, of course...any other suggestions?


  1. How about ratatouille?

  2. At first when you mentioned your Gram, I didn't think much of it because, of course, I wouldn't know your Gram. Then the lightbulb went off, you and Robert share Gram, and I do know her. She always seemed to be such a spunky lady. Hope she's doing well.

  3. I just love your bowl full of tomatoes and eggplant. I wish I lived closer... I'd come pick all your leftovers for you.... Yum!!

  4. Michelle ~ oh, definitely! I love smittenkitchen, too. :) I'm ever-closer to getting a camera...I'm just wondering, did you look at the D5000? Is the D90 better?

    Pat ~ It's like 6 degrees of separation! I remember when my nephew was about 10, he was so confused when we tried to explain that yes, we are his aunt and his uncle, but we are ALSO brother and sister, to EACH OTHER. Blew his little mind! Gram is doing great. She's always cold (hence the get up! I love her style!) and I know she wants to get that brace off, but she's such a trooper. I'll let her know that you're thinking of her. :)

    Tracy ~ I wish we lived closer every day! I don't know if you saw Michelle's link, above, but if you get a chance check out the picture... isn't it beautiful?!? Miss you so.