Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oh, my wonderful, beautiful, special (not so little any more!) girl... sigh! I love her so. Miss Maddie came into our lives twelve years ago. Twelve! She is the daughter of my dear friend Mari. This week, I'm understanding more than ever what it means to be able to look across the table at a family-friendly pub, and talk and laugh with my two friends that I've loved since middle school ~ and their families! ~ and My Maddie completes that circle of love.

She is the oldest of all our children, and she is such a good sport! All four of the youngers insist on mauling her, at all times. She patiently waits to have chocolate smeared fingers removed from her clothes and hair, and never-ever-ever complains.

I love when we're on holiday together, and Maddie gets to come over for a play date...not for the kids, but for me! Maddie and I both love horses and making things, and she's the best co-pilot for running errands.

So, Mari and Dana and I, with our five kids, and only two of our husbands (we missed Shawn!) spent most of last night laughing and catching up (in between corralling the kids, mopping up spills, referee-ing squabbles, and defending Maddie from the onslaught of love) and there's no place I'd rather have been.

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