Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go Fish

This weekend was the start of Day Light Savings time. Don't get it, but whatever. My current thinking is that I'm at peace with the change because it makes the spring return of the sun that much sweeter.

So, with my extra hour, I played cards with my boys. We played Go Fish, of course! Tommy had a soccer trophy ("From 2006!" he exclaimed, as though it were the olden days!) so he said whoever wins the card game could keep the trophy. Then he set it beside the chair, on the ground. Scotty and I played together, against Tommy. And be still my heart, Scotty's little mickey mouse voice, saying, "Do you please sevens, Tommy?" and "Go Fish!" just about slayed me.

So Scotty won and he was so excited, he threw his hands in the air and yelled "Yay!" Then he hopped off the couch, raced around the back of the chair, and grabbed the trophy. "I get a trophy!" It was so cute! Tommy and I just laughed and laughed!

And even though I was falling asleep at 9 o'clock last night (seriously! what's up?) I did squeeze in some home fluffing. I swapped out the garish Halloween vinyl tablecloth for my favorite fall plaid, and brought in the pumpkins from the garden. I love how a couple are still in various stages of going from green to orange! Love.

With the clocks set back, I woke up Sunday morning by 5am. It turned into a glorious fall day, and I was so glad that I had the extra am hours to spend quiet time in the kitchen.

I managed to clean out "Erik's Shelf". We have a few open shelves with different glass jars and Mexican folk art pieces displayed in the kitchen. The bottom two shelves become Erik's 'catchall' and it drives me absolutely nutty. This shelf? The one right here? Is usually full of mail. Piles of mail. I hate it! So I put a basket on the table under the tv and put the mail in there. So much better! Totally does not make me want to burst a blood vessel whenever I see it. That's an improvement!

Do you see my new cup there, so beautiful? I have been enjoying tea and hot cocoa with marshmallows (is there any other way?) and my camera suh-hucks, so you won't know this (unless you come over for tea! you should totally come over for tea!) but amidst the perfectly gorgeous etchings, Scott has spelled out "Mia" on one side and put a small field of tulip-like flowers on the other side.

Oh, so so so sweet!


  1. I want to come over for tea! We have Stanford games on the weekends this fall so it will have to wait a bit, but your cousin and I will have to come up for another visit so I can see your mug, your weaving, your kids, etc.

  2. We're ready Kelly-bean, just say the word! See if Aunt Betty will fit in your suitcase, while you're at it. :)