Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Makings of Busy**

** When I first typed this title, I accidentally put "The Makings of Busty" and I'm sorry, but that's so much better!

I'm racing home every day to try and get some time in the backyard before the sun disappears. I guess tonight I finally finished everything that was on the list, trying to get the yard put to bed for winter.

I harvested what was left of the veggies, including the green tomatoes, and we'll just see how that goes! I ended up with a ton of tomatoes, even if I don't count the green ones (until they hatch haha) so I just composted everything after I pulled all the veggies and covered the beds I used this year with some mulch. After winter, I'll work the mulch back into the soil with some of the composted materials.

I've moved in new beds, and spread mulch (where the pool used to be) and moved the hammock over to the corner of the yard. I had a pile of dirt and another pile of mulch that needed to be moved, and a 50-gallon garbage can full of soil that had to be added to the new beds.

I clipped bushes and weeded the play area in the back corner of the yard. And I put away all the tools into the shed (not a moment too soon!), stored the bikes for the winter, and made sure the woodpile won't get wet in the rain.

After several days of this, I told Erik to take a look out back and see 'what's different!'. He was all, hey great, and gosh, that's awesome....and then he said, "You took the patio umbrella down!" *sigh*. That's true. I did. Two months ago.

Also keeping me busy:

All this cuteness.

I wish you could hear the laugh that goes with these pictures!

And learning how to use my new camera...forgive me indulging my new hobby?

When the sun goes down, and the boys are in bed, I've been working on the latest installment of the botanical applique. I truly do love these the best! (But I know I say that every time.)

There's never a shortage of busy-making activity at this time of the year, but I've been enjoying this particular mix so very much...just enough handwork (love!) and hard work (strangely...also love!) and hardy laughs.


  1. I got caught laughing at the first line that I struggled to comprehend any of the rest of the post. Re-read: Wish I could hear the laugh too. He's a cutie.

  2. I was gonna say, "What? You took the pool away?!?"
    seriously though, it looks awesome in the picture! We might need a winter preparation consultation, now that we've got some land to work too!

  3. I really can't wait to see your applique all finished. It will be AMAZING! As for Erik... Typical man. Humph.