Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tea Time

Over the weekend, I found this cupcake...holder. Thingy. What are these called? Hold on. Okay, I'm back! These are known by the following aliases: Cupcake stand, cupcake tree, cupcake holder. Possibly others.

This one is white and very girly. I happen to love cupcakes. And muffins. I like round, baked goods that live in their own wee little cup. Period. I prefer them topped with frosting and sprinkles, but I'm open.

So, in some ways, it pains me to see this tree with no treats, but I have been wanting to find a way to display by my Grandma Dot's tea cups, and it seems this little perch suits me just fine! (I had been looking for shadowboxes, at the suggestion of a dear, unnamed commenter right here at Mia's Boys, but hadn't yet stumbled upon a cost-effective version!)

Being that we live in earthquake country, I need to make a decision ~ coming right up, because you never know! ~ about how to secure these. I'll need to use double sided stickies (what is up? why can't I remember what anything is called?) to keep the cups in their nests, and I'll need to use some earthquake tack to keep the tree on top of Gram's hoosier, but I think I will go through the trouble, afterall. I wasn't sure, but the more I look at it, the more it makes me happy!

(I think maybe I like to imagine these are cupcake trees. I must...because I managed to work in tree, perch, and nest, in just these few paragraphs!)

Edited to add: You know, in the picture, it looks like I have another glass cupcake tree, but no, that there is actually two CAKE stands stacked on top of each other. I think I need to go do some baking.


  1. love the cupcake stand. think i am going to make cupcakes for the boys first birthday in a couple of weeks. here is a link to an article comparing camera models. i got the D90 because i had used a friends D80. anyway i hope you get a new camera soon!


  2. Oh those tea cups are so pretty and displaying them in the cupcake stand is a brilliant idea.

  3. Good point about the earthquake issue. I was just wondering about some type of velcro? Maybe the superstrong velcro.... a little piece sewn on the bottom and a matching bit on the bottom of the cup. I'll keep thinking....

  4. Michelle ~ Thanks for the tip on the camera! I alternate between cupcakes and ice cream cake for the boys' birthdays! I can't believe the boys will be one soon. Doesn't time fly?!?

    Pippa ~ Thank you! These were my grandmother's, and they are so precious to me!

    Maia ~ I know you will! ;) I got your email, and I'll get back to you this week. Miss you!!!