Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If You Only Do One Thing Today....

I am so grateful that I came across this in my bookmarks this morning, quite by happy-accident, and I just wanted to share....

This documentary called The Way We Get By is airing tonight on the Point of View (POV) series for your local PBS station, which for us is KQED. (I defy you to watch that trailer without weeping. Try it. Seriously.)

From what I can tell, this is a special showing for Veteran's Day, and I so hope you don't miss it. I've got my tivo queued up, so if you miss it, come over and we'll eat pizza (homemade! homemade sauce! cheese from my cow! haha! kidding! About the cow).

Bring your own hankie. I predict a tear-hangover tomorrow (I hate those headaches!) but I won't miss this for the world.


  1. "The way we get by". What a great bunch of people! Moose

  2. I think so too! In fact, I did think of both you and my friend, Tracy, when I saw this movie. I could totally see both of you doing something like this (though with your tender heart, I think it would be a wee bit draining!).