Monday, July 27, 2009

Born Under a Lucky Star

A couple of weeks ago, Kim over at Daisy Cottage had an amazing giveaway. I have read her blog for over two years, and I've commented, um....twice? I'm a lazy blog reader! On my old blog, if 100 people visited on a day, like, 50 left a comment. I'm serious, it was one chatty group! I liked it though, it encouraged me to visit and connect with them at their blogs, and I loved the community feeling.

So, I threw my hat in the ring over at Kim's, but really wasn't expecting anything to happen. Here, check it out, because her pictures are amazing and I can't do any of it justice.

Oh, and while you're at, I defy you to ignore her blog! Pure eye candy, and she is such a gentle, sweethearted woman. I know not everybody has a doll house (but I do!), and I just love the way she essentially plays 'dress up' with her house! I just don't have the raw materials or energy, but I admire her commitment and love her style.
Well, can you guess? I can't believe it, but I won! Isn't that so funny?!? She did a random number generator, and I was that commenter!

These are the things I've already found new homes for ~ those places of honor that mean that each thing is in the perfect place where I can enjoy it and love it and be completely charmed by it all day, every day.

Each and every thing brings me so much joy! These are the checkered napkins, the yellow-checked apron (which makes me feel sooooo girly!), the sweet beaded-heart, and the adorable Anthropologie tea cup (and the handle actually fits on the rack I bought found for my grandma's tea cups!). Edited to add: Oh my gosh, and the dish towel! The dish towel! It's also hanging there, with the blue polka dot edging and 'milk' themed stamps? It's just about my favorite thing in the box!

I still haven't found just the right special place for the bird plate, the gorgeous blue plate, or the two other hearts. But I'm not worried! I don't want to just 'put them away', which would be easy, I want them to find their 'new homes'. I also want to find a way to get my hands on some of my mom's carnival glass, which totally matches the blue plate. hmmmmm.....

I made this to send back to her. It perfectly matches her Daisy Cottage (where, oh where, is my craftsman cottage? is it sitting on a farm, waiting for me?). I used my favorite pattern, from Alice, the Starling Handbag.

There are two more drawings I will enter this week. I know, I feel so greedy and grubby! I've already been so lucky! Which, guarantees, I can't possibly win. But YOU can! You should totally enter! Because somebody has to win, and it might as well be you.

The first one is at Wee Folk Art.

Like Alice's Starling Handbag, the applique and open sewing patterns at Wee Folks are free. I made my niece this adorable little scarf, and I love it so much I'm making one for her sister and, um, three for me. Ahem.

One quarter flat, a few inches of elastic, and literally, 15 minutes later, this is the cuteness that bombards you. I am forever humbled by the generosity of people who share on the internet. Their time, energy, ideas, and inspiration. So I'll enter the give away to let them know I'm listening and learning and oh-so-grateful. But you should totally enter to win! :)

The second give away I'm entering is for Rae Gun Ramblings. Look at this cute fabric! Oh, and it's already cut. Using a rotary cutter is like an IQ test for really highlights how incredibly challenged I am. So these are perfect for a patchwork pillow or bag, all ready to go! You NEED them!

And right here is where we bring it all home...because up there, when this all started, I was thinking about how when somebody leaves a comment, it's only natural to go see what they're up to...and that's how I 'met' Rae's blog! She came through and left a note about Scotty's cast. I've been keeping up with her ever since, as she's truly creative and quite clever, and so I'll enter her give away too. I won't win, but YOU could! :)


  1. Oh Mia!!!!
    I just came over here to visit you and SAW my ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE bag... oh my goodness!
    Really?? For ME???? Swoon! Oh how SWEET of you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! That is SO special!!!

    I am over the moon happy that the little things from my giveaway landed in their perfect new home - with you. Thank you for all of your kind words and for being a part of Daisy Cottage.

    Much love to you and now I will wait with great excitement for my SPECIAL gift - thank you sooo much!! Big hugs and kisses!!!! YOU are the sweetheart.

    Daisy Cottage

  2. Try looking in shabby chic shelves in ebay for a "hat rack" or for a shelf for you Grandmother's Tea Cups. OR...get some boxes and hang them on you wall for shelves and put the Tea Cups on them. You would have room for the Carnival Glass also...hee hee hee...

  3. Kim ~ Do you see how cute you are? I do hope you enjoy your went out today and should be there in just a couple of days!

    "Anon" ~ Did you also leave the message on the "tea cups" post? If not, I just got the *exact* same advice! And of course I followed it! :) There are some serious possibilities! I think I'm most smitten by the sort of 'shadow boxes' type idea you mention. It's earthquake country (and we live smack dab on the Hayward Fault!) so I like a solution that lets me use double sided stick foam to keep everything from falling off in the event of tremble. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, that was me. Sometimes I get my rear end ahead of my brain. I used to put nine or so 12" x 24" fruit boxes on the wall for shelves and it worked quite well. Not to mention that my friends thought I was nuts. But then, this was in 1979. Whey you were still just a babe I'll bet. I live close to the same fault and have never had anything fall during a quake, even the big one in '89! Just lucky I guess.

  5. Get some plate hangers for the plates and hang them on the wall...

  6. Smarty pants, Anon! That's a great idea!