Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wearing a Sheet

Just a few hours ago, this was a sheet! Now it's a very sweet peasant top. I used a thrifted $2.00 sheet and this tutorial and pattern (how did I find that? I honestly couldn't tell you! The Internets are so fascinating to me...clicking and sliding from place to place until you land on the most extraordinary things. It will never cease to amaze me how much people are willing to share!).

I have a pattern for this blouse now, which took some time to make tonight, and with some practice, I do believe this could become a 60 minute shirt.

I'm a very novice sewer, and this was extremely easy. One thing I learned making this (and I learn something every time I make anything) is to use a longer stitch setting. I couldn't get the semi-rounded neckline to turn in properly before I switched the stitch setting. Then it went together like bread and butter! It just 'eased' together, instead of going off kilter.

I used the same technique for the hem, though it was straight enough not to worry about it, and also for this elastic I put in under the bustline.

I am considering making several of these shirts as part of my 'uniform' for the next school year. I like having a simple skirt and shirt set, in a variety of fabrics, that I can put on with no thought at all. Comfort is king for a teacher, and streamlined is key for a mom, so this is what it has come to.

I'll wear this shirt a few times in the next month (and who are we kidding? How about if I wear it every day for a week?) and if it's everything I hope it is, I'll make 5 or 6 using "real" fabric. Sometimes I read about people using 'muslin' to make prototype garments, but I decided to use a sheet because it's so frugal, and because it's more like the fabric I'll eventually use and that means I can get a better feel for the wear and quality I'll be looking forward to.

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