Friday, July 31, 2009

From Across the Pond!

Just a quick update ~ Maia is here! I only have a little bit of her time, but of course we spent at least a wee bit of our precious moments going through the stack of quilts she finished this year in London...

And trying on her blanket, just for size.

She assured me that she loves it just the way it is, and though it was a little warm (even for our blustery summer that we're experiencing), it will be perfect in wet and cold London. She said she's always, always, always cold there, so much so that she takes baths now (instead of showers) so she can warm up! I sympathize, as I have actually chosen to skip the dishwasher and hand wash the dishes so my hands can be in warm water.

And, if you don't have a friend like Maia in your life, you need to run out and find one, asap. Because everybody needs somebody who will pretend to sleep so you can see what you're work will look like in action.

Swoon. I love her!


  1. Beautiful quilt and amazing friend!

    I also switch to baths in the winter just so I can warm up. I always wonder which is saving or costing more energy: keeping the house so cold or me filling up a big hot tub of water every night.

  2. Hi Marlita! Maia read this and said that she doesn't take baths *instead* of showers, she takes a bath AFTER she takes a shower! It's so cold! So, certainly, she's not conserving water in any sense. :)