Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods

This is called an "S Hook" in crochetland, and it is an enormous hook. I don't think I know of any larger (you could google bing that to know for sure, but I've been doing this for almost 25 years, and I've never seen one larger than S ~ also known as Super Hook) but it's just the right size for using material I harvest from thrifted sheets to make 'rag rugs'.

I enjoy making these, once the fabric is ready to go. These 'balls' of fabric are left over from a couple of other rag rugs I made as gifts.

I took The Boys, and my nephew's 2 year-old, and my crazy mother, up to see my Grandma yesterday. It was a one-hour drive (each way) that felt like 2 hours going up and about 4 days coming home. And although I just don't get to see my gram often enough, and nothing could have kept me away, I will say that the day did not end...pretty. Voices were raised. Threats were issued. Crying ensued. But I wiped my tears and carried on! haha Just kididng! I didn't cry. Much.

The point to this story is not so much to highlight how quickly my parenting goes downhill under less than ideal circumstances, but more to get to the fact that I had to throw both kids into the tub that morning before heading out. You can't go to Great-Grandma's looking like that! You have to represent.

As they were getting out of the tub, I was reminded again of how we need a new bathmat. Since Gram now lives with the very aunt that taught me to crochet so long ago, I knew it was the perfect time to throw these ready-made fabric scraps into a bag so I could whip up a festive little mat for in front of the bath tub.

I think I'll also use a towel that has seen better days to line the back of the mat; terry is so very absorbent, I think it will be perfect for this new job. Besides, I think it's well-documented how much I just love to turn something into something else!

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