Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tonight we had such a beautiful dinner! The summer season is really starting to roll (finally!) and even though my vegetable garden is woefully stunted from this crazy cold June, my mom lives only minutes away...but deep in a valley...and her warm days are routinely 20 degrees hotter than mine (cold days are much colder, too!). So, her veggies went in at the end of April (instead of the beginning of June *cough*) and they've benefited from some hot-hot-hot days!

(Don't worry about me though! I may be wrong, and you may find me in coming months bemoaning my horrible veggie production, but if past performance is any indicator I've got no reason to believe that my wee garden won't catch up in the next 5 or 6 weeks, and then produce well into'll find me canning tomatoes on Halloween, I'm hopeful!)

Speaking of which...I regrettably used the last jar of tomato sauce from last summer! Less unfortunately, it made a very tasty topping to the whole wheat penne pasta we had for dinner.

Now...grow please!

Speaking of Mom's garden, I got a big bag o' green and some more fresh eggs last night! My mom is a great harvester. A bag of greens from her is like looking for Easter just never know what little treasures you'll find. Here, I was excited to get the first of the green beans, more zucchini, and a very large, very disfigured cucumber (come on, tomatoes, once again I implore you to grow, as my very favorite summer salad is cucumber, tomato, and onion!). Oh, and look! A tiny green pepper! He's adorable! And what's this? Who are you, my friend?

Let's go in for closer unexpected guest...?

Oh, of course! It's a tag. To a bra. What the what? That woman is crazy. How the tag to her bra ended up in a bag of vegetables...the mind boggles. Frankly, I'm eating them regardless, so I'm happy not to speculate.

I went ahead and started with the zucchini. I sliced it, drizzled olive oil over the top, and sprinkled it with paprika and tiny bit of black pepper. I roasted them in the oven at 415 degrees F. I had sliced them fairly thin, so I only let them cook for about 6 minutes. Then I sprinkled a bit of grated parmesan cheese for another minute or so.

(I added the parmesan because of the Italian tip on the dinner, but without the cheese, it's by far my favorite, most simple way of cooking asparagus, eggplant, and any kind of squash you're hankering for.)

It was yummy!

But my mom is crazy.


  1. We went to check the allotment last night after all that rain (it continued all day) and I could not believe how things had grown. I now have squash big enough to pick. Your idea for zucchini (we call them courgette) sounds good and I will be trying that with supper.
    Gardens do catch up, I didn't start planting mine until end of april but already our beans are as big as others on the plots.

    I would like to know how you make your tomato sauce as I have loads of outdoor plants this year. Just hope I have loads of toms.


  2. I think it is good that your mom's garden produces before yours. You have a longer season of fresh veggies that way. The bra tag was a fun touch!!!! What does your mom do in her vegetable garden???? The zucchini looked delicious, I will have to try that.

  3. Pippa ~ I will definitely get that recipe to you! I had called my mom to ask her how she makes tomato sauce and got a "handful of this, throw in some of that" kind of response. I took everything she said and experimented with quantities. Then I *wrote it all down*, so I wouldn't have to reinvent it this fall! I'll dig it up and get it out to you.

    Betty ~ I know, right?!? Holy cow. I grilled the same zucchini yesterday at a bbq, and it was delicious that way too!