Monday, July 6, 2009


I had this tablecloth that was made of some kind of linen blend, and I although I have always loved the color and fabric, it had seen better days. I believe it was my mother's tablecloth, when she was newlywed (44 years ago!). I couldn't bear to just toss it, though it had some stains and tears and the lace along the edge was unsalvagable. I still used it though, because I have very low standards. haha Wish I were kidding.

Anyway, after I had made the shirt out of the bedsheet the other day, I had this idea to repurpose the ruined tablecloth into a matching skirt. I was able to avoid the marks and tears. (I started off using this tutorial for a simple elastic-waisted skirt. (Someday I will be brave enough to try a zipper!) But really, it turned out that the fabric didn't lend itself to the pattern (size-wise) and in the end, I made a much straighter ~ less a-line ~ kind of cut for the sides and it's working out splendidly.)

It turned out really cute, actually, and it makes quite a dashing outfit.

I showed it to Erik and he was quite pleased. "You should make me a t-shirt out of those curtains," he said, waving at the curtains hanging at the bedroom windows. "Why?" I asked, bewildered. "Oh, just so I can say I have a t-shirt made out of curtains!"

He was quite bemused when I giggled and told him that those curtains? Those curtains were already made out of an old bedspread!

Between the shirt that was a sheet, the skirt that was a tablecloth, and the curtains that were a bedspread, it's getting harder to defend myself against allegations that everything in my house used to be something else. : /


  1. Good for you Mia!!!!! With all the "think green" these days you win the prize. Will we get to see you model your new (recycled) blouse and skirt?

  2. That's wonderful, Mia. I love it.

  3. Betty ~ Thank you! Hopefully I WILL get a photo of me wearing it...I'm really bad with the self-timer on my camera, but I'll try to get Erik to snap one when I'm wearing it.

    Pamela ~ Thanks! Miss you, especially when I think of how big the boys are getting!!

  4. Are you going to post the photo of you wearing it -- of course you'd be standing beside Eric in his shorts made from the old nursery curtains. Ha!