Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stitch and Pitch ~ Light

The Giants made it home to AT&T Park on Monday night just in time, as their on-the-road win-lose ratio has been nothing short of depressing. Bring on that big bat, Garko!

But always, it's Lincecum (whom I cannot discuss without yelling "Timmmmmm-eeeeeee", so you've been warned) who makes me smile. He's just so original. Not many pitchers in this day-and-age who can (or will) go 9 innings. 15 strikeouts in a full game. Be still my heart! I read somewhere, when he first came on, that he doesn't even ice after games. His dad is an engineer, and has always been his pitching coach. Even through college, which is unheard of! That kid's going to be pitching when he's fifty! Awesome.

Monday night's game was also the Stitch and Pitch game. I wanted to go! But, as it does, life got in the way, and I had a house full of kids at the first pitch. So, after I got everybody to their respective homes/beds, I made my own Stitch and Pitch.

I worked on some crochet and some applique, watched the game in high def, and I didn't have to take the train into the city, pack my work basket and a blanket, or eat my weight in red rope licorice and cotton candy. I also didn't get see Lincecum (Timmmmm-eeeeeeeee!) on the mound, watch our win (finally!) or sit with all the other nerds.

That's it! Next year, I'm going for sure!


  1. Moose and I didn't go to stitch and pitch this year either. Last year was fun. But one word of warning--the crowd is mostly non-fan knitters/crocheters, etc. They were trying to do THE WAVE!!!! Oh my gosh, was that WRONG! Did it ever make Moose mad and totally disgusted!!!! Apparently there is no wave at Giants games.

  2. I never heard of stitch and pitch but it sounds fun how.

  3. Kelly ~ Outrageous! The wave. *shudder* Absolutely no wave. That's a little annoying, but you know, I've sat in the left field bleachers. And let me tell you, it's the annoying-olympics down there! Most of the people are in constant motion to the snack bar and beer stand. They are pretty rowdy, they yell and brawl, and you WILL get spilled on. Beer, peanuts, accidentally or chucked right at your head, it doesn't even matter. Still, though. The wave. That's messed up.

    Juls ~ So fun! You should consider going with me and the boys!