Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mia's Building

I took my two littles, plus two of their friends, to the fair yesterday. Jeebus save me. It was a blast, but was I tired? Why, yes, yes I was! And I was barely recovering from yesterday's debacle when I took this on, but I can be quite...ornery.

This was one of the first buildings we saw on our way in. It's not a new building, but that sign was definitely never there before. In case you can't make out the words, it reads "Food and Fiber Art". Are you kidding me? It might as well say, "Come On In, Mia".

We had been singing "going on the rides" songs all the way over. It was when we got there that Scotty was informed that he would not be allowed on the rides, because of his cast. I had a sneaking suspicion, only realized too late, because of an incident at a small carnival when Tommy had his cast. It was a cooler day than today, and we were able to skirt the issue with long sleeves. And some questionable parenting decisions. Today, we didn't have that option. But you'd have to be made of stone not to love this little guy.

Of course, you're never too young to learn that ice cream makes everything better. There is so much silly goodness at the county fair, that we had a great time even without the rides. The three Big Kids had unlimited rides, and we kept in constant contact and visual communication, but Scotty and I watched the puppies race, and the pets on a pirate ship show, and the music. Plus, the bigger kids took lots of breaks from the rides and we toured the fair as a large, loud, group of five for much of the time anyway.

Oh my goodness, it was too much fun, and I was truly taken aback at how wonderfully behaved each and every child was. There was one chancy moment when I put down my paw about not playing the game to win goldfish (!!!) but we quickly rebounded and had a super day. (Yes, that child's dad thanked me profusely. We really do have to stick together, folks!)

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