Friday, July 3, 2009


My food scraps bin is on a timeout.

I was so excited to get the notification from our waste management company that they would start accepting food scraps, and paper products used with food, in the green recycling bin starting on June 1st.

A couple of weeks earlier, I started collecting the food scraps and dumping into the bin...then I couldn't put it out at the curb for a little bit. I have a worm bin, but they can only eat so much cast off, and you certainly can't put meat or mayo or a host of other things that, for reasons I cannot fathom, they are willing to take to the compost. I won't complain though, because our garbage output has declined from a 50 gallon bin once a week, to barely filling it in two weeks. Our 50 gallon recycling is always full, our 20 gallon green is now always full, and we're officially going to downsize to a 20 gallon garbage.

This makes me so happy!

What makes me very not happy is that my green bin, under the kitchen sink, is attracting ants. We're having a bit of an ant problem already, but this is ridiculous. I've had to put it on a timeout on the front porch.

Also, there's a definite...funk to the green bin these days. What is anybody doing about ants and stank, if I may ask?


  1. I also have problems with ants in my kitchen compost bin and mine now lives outside the back door. Pampa is going to make it it's own little house.
    Food scraps have no where to go but in the rubbish bin. I can't have a worm bin as I am away for so long in the winter. I have learnt to be careful with portion control and using up things before they go off. Well most of the time, there is still the odd item that 'lurks' in the back of the fridge and go past it's sell by date. Does that make me mad!!
    How is Scotty's arm bet he's using it like nothing is wrong.


  2. Pippa ~ hmmm...speaking of all that 'audit' stuff, you are so right about not wasting food! I am sure when I reflect on this for a bit, there is quite a bit of tightening up I can do there. That's great advice. Scotty is making us CRAZY, as he seems to forget that he is hurt and we often find him climbing the rails on the porch, playing 'transformers', or otherwise roughhousing in the most inappropriate ways. Ah...boys!!!