Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer and Surprises!

What did happen here? No, it's not a crime scene, it's my kitchen. Yesterday. I can tell by the yellow dustpan on the counter that I had probably thought I would start cleaning it up.

Except there was watermelon to be eaten. And apples to core and peel. Dough to be rolled.

Maybe I thought I would unload the dishwasher? Or do more than toss those dish towels and kid clothes into the corner? I don't know, maybe I thought I would move that pile to the washer?

But then that picnic basket was there...calling us.

Surely, the only reasonable response, was to load up the bikes and head to the lake for some lunch and some hanging out on the dock?

It's not like the dishes are going anywhere. We can do them... later? Do you see there, how I can't be bothered to shut cabinets when I'm rushing about the kitchen? Do you also see how dang cute my valance is? It still makes me so so so happy! Even dangling above the disaster that is my sink, after a mere 24 hours of letting dishes slide, it makes me happy.

I thought I'd get started on the clean up while I was making the apple pie, but it turned out that I had helpers. Oh, summer bedtime, you just don't exist, do you?

Holes needed to be made. In the extra dough. With a screwdriver. These things can't be rushed.

But, eventually, the pie was in the oven, the boys were settled in for a movie, and Erik was out from under my feet with his own project. So, around 9 pm, it's time to roll up the sleeves and get it done.

I was finishing the cleaning just as the pie came out of the oven. I wonder....can you live on pie? And watermelon? Let's find out, shall we?

There is a clue in this picture as to how I was able to turn that mess into this haven, in less than an hour (and that includes washing the windows and mopping the floors!). Do you see them there? In the basket in front of the window?

See, here's where I'm going to get all exclamation-pointy. Because for no reason whatsoever, this plain (nearly! cute stickers!) brown package showed up in our mailbox. I'm pretty sure I didn't order porn. The return address, though prominently displayed with a cute little sticker, offered no clues. I'm sorry, I do not know this gentleman. Though, curiously, he does share the last name of a dear friend. Is he related? Should I know you, sir?

And what's this? No, seriously, what is this? I slid them out of the end of the package that I had cut open, and these are SO SOFT and so lovely. Like the softest, loveliest wash clothes you can ever imagine. Did I...did I order soft, lovely wash clothes? I sat and petted them for a few moments. Surely, there is some other clue as to what these are?

Something still in the package, perhaps? Yes, here we go!

Microfiber cleaning wipes. Oh! Oh-oh-oh!!! Microfiber cleaning wipes! Microfiber cleaning wipes! I know what these are!

And a sweet note from Sister Carol puts an end to the mystery!

Why are people so wonderful? So, since I've always fancied myself a bit of an amateur sleuth, I will now fill you in. Carol is Kelly's mom. Kelly is married to my cousin, Moose. Well, you'd probably call him Robert, but I cannot bring myself to do so. Anyway, that's why I didn't recognize the name! It's Kelly's family name, whereas I know her as sharing the last name of Uncle Whitey (What can I say? We're very big on nicknames) and Aunt Patti.

And there are 8 of these beautiful cloths, 4 white and 4 blue. I used them in the kitchen last night, and also to clean the front living room window. I cannot describe what these are like. Like buttah, I'm not even kidding! I just used a damp one and a dry one, and it was one pass cleaning ~ just hot water with dish soap cleaned everything ~ and I mean it, in one pass! The sink, the stainless steel appliances (which get water spots and are impossible to keep clean) and the windows. Oh my. The windows! I could swoon, really! Our living room window looks out over the neighborhood and the bay/peninsula. It's the running joke among our neighbors that our window is permanently smudged from Little Boy noses and hands being constantly pushed up against them. A damp cloth wiped it down, a dry cloth finished it off. Two minutes, I kid you not. The bright light, unfiltered through the cruft of my kids, is dazzling this morning!

I used 3 towels to clean last night. (One, I used in an area where I was killing ants, so I had to put that one in early retirement until I run it through the wash.) At first I thought maybe I had enough to share a couple with my mom, but, um, I might not be a good enough person. I'll probably want to keep 1 to 2 in each bathroom, plus 3 in the kitchen, just in case, plus if I haven't run the wash I'll need an extra no. I can't spare a square.

I've just spent the last few minutes trying to search online for a mop made out of this same material. From what I can see online, do try to get the Hometex brand of microfiber towels, and they are used a lot for auto detailing, so be sure and check those aisles of your variety store of choice. You can bet I'll be keeping my eye out for them, too, inspired by Carol's generosity to pay it forward when I can!

I cannot thank you enough, Carol, for such sweetness! A proper thank you goes out in the mail today, but thank you thank you thank you!!!! still. :)


  1. If you no longer have messes at your house to test out those wonderful cloths on, feel free to drive down to mine. I have plenty.

  2. Juls ~ HA! I believe I made a *very* similar comment to Carol...and that's how she ended up being so kind to send me some! Too funny. :)

  3. Hi Mia! Mom is offline for awhile so she hasn't seen your post. I'll make sure to point her to it when she can see it! She and my two aunt's really like your blog. They think you should write books. And now that you can clean so fast you'll have more time for that! See you soon.

  4. Hi Kelly! I probably should write, since heaven knows I can't edit. The way my friend the comma suffers in this blog, it's downright abusive. And you know me! If I can say it in 20 words, why not use 120? And at least three sets of parenthesis! haha! Your family is too sweet. I'm a fan of each sister. :) Hey, and, (comma comma)let us know if you're up for a visit in mid-August, about that fair?!?

  5. See I wasn't kidding when I said how great they were. And we thought Carol slaved to keep her home so clean. Her secret is out!