Monday, February 8, 2010

89 Years Young!

Tommy has been missing Gram, and it was no wonder...we haven't seen her in over a month!!  Crazy-ness.  She turned 89 years old this week, so it was the perfect time to get up early and head out for a (too short) visit before Tommy had to be back at baseball practice.

We had a ball, as usual.  These two are so in love with each other!  And it was so wonderful to see Gram looking like Gram again.  Her hair has a normal cut (I love my Aunt Barbara, but when she trims Gram's bangs it leaves her looking like a mental patient!) and her neck brace is off and she looks about 100% better than she did even at Christmas.  It's such a relief to see her all the way to the other side of this neck injury!

Aunt Barbara talked about an engagement she has next weekend, and I told her to bring Gram by before she went and leave her with us.  When Tommy heard that Gram could be coming to our house, he literally jumped up and down and said, "Yay! Yay!"  He just slays me.

While we were there, I threw together another apple pie for them.  I had brought up a few jars of the pie filling that I had made a few months ago.  Have I told this story?  I was all, "Hey, here, you can make pies with this, so easy!"  And, I couldn't make this up, my Aunt told me that she didn't have rolling pin, or a pie plate.  What the what?  She pretty much refused to learn how to make a pie crust so I introduced her to the pillsbury pre-made crusts (they come two to a package), and then I made the damn pie in a 9x13 casserole dish.

This time, she was so proud of herself, she had found a couple of tins and two frozen pie crusts.  I made a round pie and called it a day!

My cousin Kathy (who also lives there with her's a full boat, for sure!) has a dog named Nitro.  This is easily one of the cutest, most annoying dogs I've ever met.  She is so sweet!  But every time I tried to take her picture, she'd bum rush the camera and start licking the lens.  Not cool.  Then, she started digging in my bag.  There was no food in there or anything, she was just rooting around.

So I stuck my feet out, to try to keep her just far enough away to get a picture of her adorable face, but instead, she started trying to eat my shoes!   Every once in awhile, I start to think about getting a dog.  I'm so not ready for another dog...


  1. I love that you post about gram. I have only seen her a couple times when she has visited your cousin and attended Kelly's wedding shower (long time ago). What a woman, full of life and it is great to see she has recovered so nicely from the neck injury. Wonderful that she and Tommy have such a strong bond!

  2. Thanks Betty! I know what you mean...she's such an amazing and wonderful person. I (we!) really lucked out in that department! I've often wondered what is up between those two... I mean, they're both very loving people, so I'm not surprised they "found" each other. Tommy is so sensitive and sweet; he loves older people and babies equally, and seems fascinated by both. When Tommy was born, I took a year off teaching. I took him to see Gram every week that first year of his life, when she still lived in Fremont. We had a blast! It probably all started way back then. :)

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