Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bathroom ::Done::

Well, that was fun!  They finished the bathroom on Saturday, and I think they were even happier about that than we were.  So many details, and they did such an amazing job!  I can highly recommend them in every way ~ the price wasn't the cheapest for the labor, but well worth every penny, I can assure you.  And certainly reasonable...he really worked with my budget!

We're not all "moved" in yet, but we're very, very close!  Here we go....
 Remember this disaster?  That was in the doorway to the old bathroom.  You had to keep one foot in the toilet to take a shower which,  sadly, was preferable to putting both feet in that heinous, moldy shower stall!  All ugly, all the time, too, which doesn't help.

Now, from the same vantage point.  The wall with the door was knocked out, and the shower was moved out of this area completely.   It's now a floor to ceiling linen closet (completely stocked, within minutes of reno completion!).  This is the new vanity, and instead of a weird long counter, the new under-the-window area features a cut out of the new counter, and then a 12-inch deep cabinet for storage.  That was added to the vanity proper, of course.  A simple, 3-light vanity light replaces all the flourescent surrounds, and the mirror is very girl-y, which I like...it has etches of small daisies all around the edge.  *love*  The sink and shower faucet are Kohler Forte, and toilet is schmancy, by Toto, with two flush plungers to conserve water when...uh...there's...well, not so much to...you know...whatever.

 This is the before picture, taken from the opening into the bedroom.   There's now a proper door to the bedroom, and this whole area is now part of the actual bathroom.

And it looks like this.  I swear, this picture was taken from the exact spot as the 'before' picture.  The door to the bathroom is open, the (smaller) closet is to the left, behind the open door, and straight ahead, where the shower is?  That used to be that mess where Erik's clothes were hung straight back.

More details, what do you say?

Inside the shower, with custom made (sounds so fancy! it just means they cut one big square tile into about 8 little square tiles!) diamond rhombus accents.

The bench ~ bench! ~ in the back of the shower.  The shower itself is 4 feet deep, without the bench.  All four of us were standing around in the shower, just because we could.  I mean fully clothed, no water on, just chilling.  We ate dinner in there.  haha!  Just kidding!  This bench is the reason I lost almost 2 feet of closet space.  Non issue.  Love my bench!!!

Speaking of the clothes closet, here's a picture of it, taken from in front of the vanity.  That's the new linen closet on the right.  The new clothes closet is less than 50" across.  Shall we peek in side?

(PS paint is Wheatfield from Benjamin Moore.  It's photographing more yellow than it its...very 'buttery' in real life.)

 Left side:  hanging on top rod, my 'nicer' shirts.  Hanging on bottom rod...who knows?  It's all Erik's.  There are two shelves above (one you can see, and one that's too high).  On the top shelf, I have about a half dozen sweaters.  On the shelf you can see, a stack of long sleeved and a stack of short sleeved t-shirts.

On the right side:  one rod only, with my skirts and dresses.  Shelf you can see has pants, folded.  Shelf you can't see has some bags.  (You know, like purses.)

The way the shower is formed, there is a funky little corner in my closet.  No problem!  I commandeered the area with several homely shelves (all hidden by clothes, usually!) for my shoes.  Simple!

Oh, and I almost forgot!  (Jeez, we haven't taken the tag off of it.  Please, shoot me if you come to house in a month and that's still hanging there.)  So, there are three canned ceilings lights (two in the shower ~ bright! and one in front of the linen closet), plus the vanity fixture, plus Lior wanted to put a fourth canned light in front of the clothes closet.

But, no.  I wanted something "cute" there.  He just rolled his eyes at me (oh, I got this a lot over those 9 days!!!!  I was regularly demoted, but we got through it, with some counseling.  haha!  Couple's therapy for me and my contractor!  Not even kidding.)  Anyway, I wanted a little crystal chandelier here, but I couldn't find anything that had a shallow enough hang, and time was not on my side.  In the end, I found a little adjustable-length pendant, and it has a swirled glass 'shade' that matches the color and the swirls in the tiles on the both the shower and the floor.

And, oh so thankfully, Lior liked it!  From your perspective, that only means he installed it without giving me a ration of crap over it.  I still recommend him, though.  :)

Okay, that's it!  I'll need to move in, get some decorations in and/or up, some rugs or something, a little curtain-y solution for that window.  We don't need the coverage, but I enjoy the cute.  I'm in no hurry for any of that....but you know, whatever it ends up being, it will be documented here!

Thanks, honey, for my bathroom!  (Oh, that was for Erik.)  I love it.  :)


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  2. It's gorgeous! I'm so jealous ;P

  3. Yippee!!! The bathroom is spectacular!!!

  4. AMAZING! yay! i remember when our bathroom was finished, it made me so happy. ENJOY!!!!!

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  6. Jeanna ~ thank you! And...I totally understand! ;)

    Betty and Michelle ~ Thanks! I am enjoying it so so so much! I love how happy my new bathroom is; who knew, such a small thing could have such a big effect on my day-to-day?

    For the first time (and hopefully for the last time?) I felt the need to delete two comments that were clearly placed as ads. I did you a favor, Mr. Steel Bath and Sir Andry. This is not a high-traffic site; you can do much better for your efforts.

  7. Congrats! Not only is it lovely, it seems to have such a great feel. Earthy, but high class. Elegant, but unpretentious. I will be honored to come visit and shower in the new deluxe version!! xoxo

  8. OK Mia! Nice B/R! When we did Aunt Betty's B/R, I found out quite a bit about toilets. It seems as though "Toto" toilets are very good in the performance department (MaP). Mass Performance. Which means 1 flush and all the solids are gone. We purchased a Toto Guinevere- 800 grams performance. 1.28 GPF. I thought about a dual flush, but settled on the 1.28 GPF. Enjoy the new B/R- Moose

  9. Maia ~ Erik is horrified that you had to shower in the old version! He just told me, "Tell her I'm so sorry!" haha When you guys come out we'll bust out the brand new bath sheets and light fresh candles. :)

    Moose ~ You are officially my go-to-toilet guy! (You're welcome.) I still think 1.28 GPF is pretty outstanding. The "solids" flush is around that, but there's the mini-flush that uses .96 gallons, I believe. I ended up getting this one because it's what Lior suggested. I'll get a $30 rebate on the cost from EBMUD!

    Thus concludes the toilet talk, I have to believe.

  10. OMG! Mia the transformations are amazing! What a big difference. Enjoy!