Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress, Already!

On Thursday, they demolished the old bathroom.

On Friday, they did the electrical, plumbing, and framing.  (The shower is moved, there are new lights and exhaust fan, the closet was shortened, and a bench was installed in the shower.)

On Saturday, they re-sheetrocked the walls and sealings, taped and put on the compound, and even re-textured the closet area.

They took Sunday off, but will be back at this morning with backerboard, and tiling the floors and shower stall walls.

Honestly?  If they would just put a toilet in, it's already about 1000% more livable than it was before they got started!


  1. WOW Mia, I am impressed how fast this project is going!!! You will be showering in it by next week.

    How exciting!!

  2. I am impressed, too! In fact, they have told me they'll be done by Friday, and Erik and I just shake our heads. We're used to my dad working in his (very little) spare time. So it's like, pull the toilet out, leave for a month, that kind of thing!

    And yes, Carmen, we spend quite a bit of time saying "yay"! about our new bathroom!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product. I love remodels!