Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blue Skies Alpaca ::~:: Cowl

Mimi, who is being smothered in handmades at the moment, still can't seem to get enough!  My mom made her the same chenille throw that I made for Maia's wedding (totally different colorway, though, as the purples were handpicked for Maia-bean) and it's been a big hit at the hospital.  And the hats I made are, rather hilariously, being used by everyone and their mother!  Mimi's daughter-in-law is smitten with the green cloche, her granddaughter prefers the blue cloche, and my own mother has absconded with the red beanie.  They just "borrow" the hats until I can "make more".   Right-o, I'm on it!

Mimi recently put in a request for a scarf.  Her granddaughter actually suggested the cowl style, which slides over the head and onto the neck like a tube.  It's a brilliant solution, since she is in the hospital, and this one won't get bunged into anything.  I found this free cardiff cowl pattern on the LionBrand site.  It's interesting; it works out from the center in a lacy pattern.  This one was done in Alpaca.  (Please to ignore the ends that still need weaving!  Details, schmetails.)
At first, I wasn't sure about the 'hourglass' quality of the lace working out from the center, but when it's on, it lays so perfectly!  It sort of folds in and around in all the right ways, layering itself in a sweet, soft stack around the neck and ears.
In anticipation of The Borrowers, I started two more of these.  :)


  1. Beautiful cowl! I absolutely love that caramel color.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful, Mia.