Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everybody, Get on Your Feet

I was, for the record, totally opposed to getting Tommy an iPod Touch for Christmas.  I just don't believe that any 9 year old needs an electronic device that costs $175.  I mean really, Erik.  So, when it disappeared two weeks ago (and during which time we scoured the house, even where it could not possibly be) I had to bite back hard on the "I told you so" (but please note, he did get The Look) and we had just about moved on when I found it.  I found it! 

I found it, as I was taking a load of clothes out of the washing machine.  I found it laying, in the bottom of the washing machine.  After I had washed the clothes, it was just laying there.  Oh dear.

After a frantic Google search, I was able to ascertain that the best course was to just buy a new one.  No.  The second best course was to leave it submerged in rice for a couple of days (do not try to turn it on or charge it!!!) and then try it.  The trick, apparently, is to make sure it's completely dry (I knew this part from when I dropped my iPod into a toilet. *cough*) and the rice helps wick the moisture out (I learned this part from The Internets). 

I had high hopes, because it was completely dead before it went through the wash cycle.  Finally!  A bonus for leaving a pile of dirty clothes in front of the washing machine for a week!  But if it had no charge, surely there would be nothing to short out?

Erik asked me yesterday to give him the Touch (whoops!  totally forgot about there, in the rice!) and he plugged it in.  And last night?  When we got home?  Awwwww, yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!  Works like a charm!

Which leads us to this morning, with Scotty flipping through the songs, and rocking out to AC/DC Back in Black, among other things.  Tommy asked him to please turn it down (haha!) when he was blaring "We Got the Beat" by The GoGos, and Scotty responded (in his little Mickey Mouse voice), "But I LOVE this song!"

Me too, kid!  Which was how, Scotty and I ended up spending this morning, dancing in the hallway. 

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