Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunny on the Farm

This weekend, I had four days off. I don't know why, but our school district honors Lincoln and Washington's birthdays separately, rather than as one President's Day holiday.  I'm not complaining, you understand, it's just quirky. 

And it was one of those weekends.  It wasn't a spring weekend, but it was one of those winter weekends that lets you know that spring is coming. You know those days?  I love those days!  There are tulips sprouting....

But there is still the promise of more to come.

The trees are still mostly barren of leaves....

But the bushes are beginning to fill out and bloom.

The animals are still winter woolly, but the horses are beginning to stretch and the rooster is starting to fluff his feathers....

...the grass is green but the corrals are muddy.

A perfect, sunny, February day, that reminds me that we're sliding into spring.  At first, a day or two, here and there...then, more days will be like this than won't...and finally, spring will have sprung and I'll realize that I miss the promise that spring was coming.

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  1. I got to take my gloves off today! That was my sign that spring is coming. xoxo