Monday, February 22, 2010

Sparkles Not Optional

So, so, SO much to say, never enough time to say it!  The bathroom is done (!) but that has to wait because what I really want to remember right now is Scotty's new recipe.

You will need a bowl, a clementine orange, chocolate chips, and "sparkles" (granulated sugar :).

First, drum up a customer.  Or three.  Each serving is custom made to order!

Then, place the orange in the bowl.

A handful of chocolate chips should do the trick.

Only use the freshest ingredients!

Sprinkle liberally with sparkles.

Deliver fresh at the drive through!


You know, I saw this picture come through the download, and I had to laugh.  How many pictures do I have, of this kid sitting barefoot on my counters?  (Let it be a warning to you, when you eat at my house!)  When Scotty was "Star of the Week" at the pre-school, they asked me to bring in 8 or 10 photos of him and his family to put up on the special bulletin board.  They pointed out to me that of the dozen pictures I brought, eight of them were of Scotty and/or Scotty & Tommy, playing, sitting, or working on the kitchen floor, from a bird's-eye (mama's eye!) perspective.  It's so true!  We all spend so much time in this kitchen!  Partly because our house is so small, it's one of the few places to go to, but mostly because it's where the action is at.


  1. A little toe-jam never hurt anyone. I'd be happy to come to your home for dinner.

  2. You know, Juls, you SHOULD come over for dinner! Why do we only see each other when Brit comes from Washington?!? That strikes me as so silly, quite suddenly. I'll email you!