Thursday, February 11, 2010

Batter up!

I'm still new to the whole Little League culture.  I admit that, in my mind, it feels excessive to be doing a midweek and a weekend practice.  They've been holding practices now for about a month!   That's early even for Spring Training!  (I love his concentration here.  He loves this game.) 

It's so much more serious this year.  Last year was coach pitch, and it was mostly about learning the basics, and a lot of  'attaboys' for not much at all, if you want to know the truth.  This year is already significantly different.  A lot of shouting, actually.  "Where's the play?!?" and "Throw it to second!  Throw it to second!  Come ON!!"  or, randomly from the kids' perspectives, "Hold the ball!!!  NonoNOnoNOOOO! Don't throw it to first!!!!"

There's always a group of dads, ready to do pitch practice (oh, how they all want to be a pitcher!) or batting tutelage or to provide gentle reminders about where to play third or how to back second base.  I always bring a mitt, so we can play catch.  Tommy loves to play catch!  

I wasn't so sure about the increased pressure that I perceived, but Tommy is responding well, taking it oh-so-seriously, and I love that he loves it.  I also love baseball, and I like having a partner in crime for $1 nights at the A's games, or to take in a Giants game on a summer day.  But even more than that, I think it's so important for him to find things he's good at, and to stick with them.  I'm still hopeful that he'll go with math, but baseball is good for now, too!


  1. Hey Tommy, my first thought when I saw the picture of you hitting was, "Wow! That's really good form and balance." Hope you stick with baseball because I think it's a fun game. Oh, Mia, math and baseball go together- you know how much they're paid...?

  2. Anon ~ Tommy will be thrilled! It's funny you mention the "math of baseball" ;)...I've been closely following all the speculation about Lincecum (Timmmmmmyyyyyyy!) and his arbitration coming up. His management team is going for a $40 million contract! Pay him, please. I love to watch that kid pitch!!!

  3. The previous comment was from Moose. I forgot to sign it. Moose

  4. Anon ~ I knew that! ;) I just thought it was funny!