Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inside and Outside

Tommy and Scotty have a favorite Dr. Seuss book...Green Eggs and Ham.  You'll just have to trust me that there is nothing cuter than either (or both!) of them reciting it by heart.  With a fox?  In a box?  Swoon.

But these rainy days...and all the ways they dream up to entertain themselves (and us!)...have me thinking of The Cat in the Hat.  In fact, when Erik took a business trip to Universal Studios in Florida, he came back with Thing One and Thing Two shirts for them, and it stuck, because in all honesty, it's true!

There's Thing One, walking on my furniture.  They were doing hot laps like this for almost an hour...across the couch, step on the hope chest (nee, coffee table), jump once to the floor, limbo the laundry basket obstacle course, peel out back to the couch.  Repeat.  Until somebody gets hurt.

Finally, on Saturday, it cleared up.  I had been missing my friend Claire, so she and her son, Yusef, came to our house and then we hit a nearby park.  Claire and I, engrossed in catching up on a bench, barely noticed when an hour had passed!
Our children, however, were quite another story.  Tommy was exhausted.

Yusef was begging for water.

Scotty has his own way of letting me know that he can't take anymore.  It's subtle, but I recognize the signs.

These poor boys!  After nearly a month of the wet and the cold, they are being raised like veal.  Ten minutes in the fresh air, responsible for propelling their own body weight across the play structures, and they were ready to join the AARP and call it a day.  Time for calisthenics; spring training is around the corner!


  1. "Scotty has his own way of letting me know that he can't take anymore. It's subtle, but I recognize the signs."... I about pee'd myself when I read this with the picture. Too funny!!

  2. Ahhhh! Yes, two weeks until pitchers and catchers report for Spring training. I'm marking off the days on my white board. Moose

  3. Ha! Tracy! My misery is so entertaining. :)

    Moose ~ Can you believe Tommy started little league already? They're in, like, week three or something! You'll be happy to know that he moved up in divisions and now he's in kid-pitch territory. And things are very very very SERIOUS in kid-pitch territory! I think it *may* even be looking a lot like you remembered your own little league years! xoxo