Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Served

These are, it turns out, impossible to photograph. But rest assured that they are a simple crocheted slipper made with dark brown yarn, per Tommy's request. I made another little pouch to keep them in.

Tommy's first day of school is tomorrow. It's only a half-day, as there is an orientation for a few days before all the kids come by sometime next week.

It's a montessori school, and they're not allowed to wear their shoes indoors. When they come inside, they change into slippers. I let him pick the pattern and the yarn, and then I spent a couple of hours making them.

Tommy can be very sensitive to comments made by peers, and I was a little worried that one sideways comment from a classmate would make him not want to wear them any more (even though he LOVES them and how they "make me slide all over, so fast!!!") so I decided to tell him the story of his slippers.

I told him that some kids would have to buy their slippers, and that's okay, we must never put them down just because their mommy's can't make them things, but that we must know how very special it is when a mommy does decide to make something for their children. I explained that the whole time I was making the slippers, I was thinking about him, how much I love him, how proud I am of him, and all the wonderful things that I hope happen for him this school year. I explained to him that all my hopes and dreams for this special third grade year are all stitched into his slippers.

He listened intently, then said quietly, "Thanks, mommy."

I was quite satisfied that I had conveyed the enormity of the situation. "Mom?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Listen. Just. Don't tell anybody at my school that story. Okay?"



  1. wonderful. so nice mia. (p.s.i am a big knitter too!)

  2. Tommy, I always get a "good feeling" inside when I put on the sweater vest Kelly knit for me and when I put on the knit cap my mother-in-law made for me, I always think of her and the time she spent making if for me. Moose

  3. How sweet your story is. Tommy will have part of you with him every day at school and those times he may wish you were there for a hug there will be the slippers reminding him of your love. Have a great year Tommy!!!

  4. Michelle ~ Yay! Knitters love knitters! :) Thanks for sharing your blog link...I have had a chance to take a quick peek, and your boys are too too too cute! I'm looking forward to "catching up" with your goings-on. :)

    Moose ~ I wouldn't be at all disappointed if Tommy grew up to be just like you, in so many ways.

    Betty ~ Thanks! When I dropped him off this morning he quickly made a new friend. When I gave him our sign-language "I Love You" sign, he rolled his eyes, but did return the symbol. So complicated to be 9 years old! But yes, I think there are many times when a feels-so-grown-up little boy needs a mommy hug. :)

  5. Me: snort!
    Thomas (who is supposed to be asleep): What's funny Dad?

    Yeah, I get that special little feeling every time I wear my knit cap you made me.

  6. Scott ~ LOL I love that you woke up a quarantined boy. I feel 'another' Scott present coming on... In all seriousness, I had written this and then read about your pottery inspiration, and I thought, you know, great minds. :)