Monday, August 24, 2009

Done! (Almost!)

This busy little room is now the Main Boy Place in the house. There's nothing I can do about those Legos. They are our life. Frankly though, I don't spend any time wringing my hands about it. I know they're made of plastic, and that there are people who would shun me for giving my children toys made from anything less than organic cotton flown into the country on the backs of sherpas, but I can't care. They've been a super toy, for us.

This picture (and the last one, too) are taken from standing in the door. This is what you see straight ahead. That's the kitchen and Scotty's dresser. Tommy's dresser is in the closet. Don't forget the umbrella stand full of swords! I'm the mother of the year! haha!

And this is behind the door. This is what it looks like, after you've culled out a third of the books for charity, when you have a teacher for a mom.

Yep, that's the whole room! It's like a dorm, I guess. They love it, by the way. There are buckets of toys tucked under both beds, and there's plenty of floor space on which to play between the two beds and in front of the kitchen.

Yes, I realize none of it matches. That's why I had boys.

As I mentioned yesterday, Erik has no complaints. To be honest, I came in here after work today and sat quietly for just a few minutes. Shhhh. Don't tell him!

A few hours into the second (or third) day of any huge undertaking, Erik usually has a moment of panic. It's that point where you're completely buried under stuff. And you have a garbage pile, a give-away pile, a recycle pile, and a find-a-new-home pile, and each pile is a teetering tower of terror? Yeah, we reached it by 8am on Sunday morning! But it's like I always say, you have to break a few eggs if you want to make a cake. And really, by this afternoon, the boys' room is great, his room is great, and look, even the living room is already back to normal!

After a bit of light laundry duty and some bed making, everything was back to right in our bedroom too.

I even have this super desk (which used to be in the boys' room) placed opposite my writing desk in our bedroom, and when time and my energy level permits, I'll be moving my sewing machine and all it entails from the corner of the 'dining room' to this space. My mom wants the little sewing table I've been using, and isn't that the way it always goes? So nice that everybody gets an upgrade!

If I could have brought myself to do the dishes and move the sewing station tonight, the house would basically be back to our new, better normal. But I'd rather hang out with my brother and his kids.

Now that all the toys are easy to get at, fun to play with, and completely geared toward their current interests, they had a great time playing together.

Playing together, alone and separately. :)

And my brother is probably reading this (go to bed!) so I'll just tell him (and you) how much I love him. :P


  1. I have the same basket of swords. People who shun you because you have plastic toys are silly. Plastic in our world is reality. I like to make sure the boys have quality toys,but it doesn't always happen and they become attached to the cheapest mcdonals toy that they bought at the thrift shop. And if I deny them that, if I insist they only by would toys at five years old then am I really allowing their personalities to grow or am I making them into me?

  2. Brit ~ Exactly. Such a delicate balance between 'guiding' and 'smothering'. In the end (and you know this about me!) I just can't sweat the small stuff. I could decide that I'll never allow a weapon-ish toy in the house, and it does not matter. Favorite current toy? A play broom with a broken handle that is, wait for it, 'a sniper rifle'. Second favorite toy? A stick. Used as a 'gun'.