Monday, August 24, 2009

Tired and Sheepish

It's the start of a new school year and, as such, I am beside myself with glee. *sigh* I just love the new school year! It means that fall is coming, which is my very favorite season. It also means that there is a brand new beginning, waiting for us all. Notebooks that have never been written in, pencils that were sharpened for the first time. As of this moment, we haven't missed a single deadline, and every day is full of possibilities.

To celebrate, we've been working hard around our house to get that 'fresh start' feeling that so encompasses the new school year. We reorganized (again!) and now the boys' room has been consolidated with the playroom. The third bedroom was supposed to be for all the toys, but honestly, I was the only one keeping it clean and I give up. So I threw out a third of the toys, gave away a third of the toys, and fitted the rest into their bedroom. There was a lot more that had to happen to make their mediumish-sized bedroom suitable for both of their beds, a desk, two dressers, a play kitchen, bookshelf, and all their toys. But I'll save that for when I can lift my arms again.

For now, meet the reason for the upheaval. Erik's new man-cave. He's so happy. Which makes me happy. And exhausted.

I did manage to squeeze in just a bit of 'me time'. On Saturday, I fiddled around with some 5" squares. I bought these in a Moda fabric pack while we were in Ashland, and I'm going to use them to make a baby quilt for our friend who worked with us that week. It's her first granddaughter, though she has two grandsons already. She's such a girly-girl, a true lady. She not from the same generation as my Grandma Dot, but she's definitely from the same spirit. She's always dressed beautifully, her hair and make up is always set, and she never, ever swears or raises her voice. Despite all that, I adore her. haha! Not even kidding. So the baby isn't due until December, and I'll see her every month until then, so it's no rush. But I want to make several things, so I thought I'd at least see what kind of fabric I'm dealing with. I want it to look very patch-worky, and I think we can agree that it does!

I also set up my new table! I bought this table at a yard sale on my way out of town when we were in Ashland. Yes, I went to a garage sale. wasn't on the way out of town. I had dropped my friend Deb off at the local hot-spot breakfast joint, and it was hopping. I was having trouble parking our car, so I told her to put our names in I'd be right back.

When I went around the block, there was a garage sale! I just hopped over, and there was this table. She said somebody was supposed to be coming back for it, but that the person hadn't paid. Since I was going to be around the corner eating breakfast, I asked her if I could pay her the $15. If the woman wasn't there when I came back, she said I could take it.

I was gone for quite awhile before I got back to the restaurant, and not that we weren't still going to wait for another 20 minutes before we were seated, but Debbie was a little perplexed by my absence. I rolled my eyes and waved my hand and we got on to other things. Breakfast was great!

We get back in the car and I immediately drive three blocks ~ right, left, right ~ and stop in front of the yard sale. I hop out, walk straight to the table, and the lady starts unloading the stuff off the top. Debbie was pretty impressed with my decisiveness!

It was when we opened the back of the van to load the table that she spied the smaller shelf I'd already purchased ($2), and that's when she put two-and-two together. When she realized I had been gone so long because I had been shopping at a yard sale, she started laughing. When she saw that I had also picked up a fifty-cent purse (which was sitting on top of the $2 table), she just couldn't take it anymore. The purse put her right over the edge. She was laughing still, but that says more about her good nature than anything else!

I was fairly sheepish, but look! Look at the sweet faux-crystal pulls! Look a the chipped paint! I love it. I use it to write in my journal, and it's the perfect place to keep my light box.

I have really understanding friends!

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