Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

When I talked to Erik on Friday night, he asked me what time I would be home on Saturday because, I quote, "this place is a dump." Ugh! Apparently he had made a big enough deal of the Saturday Clean Up that Tommy woke up early and was trying to clean the house before anyone else woke up!

So here is the GOOD, in the form of a fully functioning veggie patch. Erik managed to keep it fairly well watered, and because it is well-established by now, he didn't have to be perfect at all.

The living room and kitchen were picked up and clutter free, too, which made me very happy.

But honestly, there was something off about the house! I think it was just me (they did a great job) and being out of sorts because I was gone so long.

The BAD came in the form of some flowers that didn't get watered (too bad!) and the standard operating procedure for dishes in the house...whatever isn't a plate, cup, cereal bowl, or everyday silverware, gets stacked in various places in the kitchen, until I put them where they belong. It's not a mystery. I've kept the baking sheets and casserole dishes in their same little spots for the entire 10 years we've lived here. Grrrr.

The UGLY came at the back of the house, in our bedroom. He did some laundry (yay!) and then left it all over (boo!). And he made the bed (yay!) but, I'm not sure, maybe you could explain to me exactly what's going on there? He appears to have made it sideways (boo!).

I don't think we need to discuss the dust. Or whatever was happening to my oven up there.

So I've spent a few days puttering around and sprucing up and nesting in. Of course I've made a bigger mess going through the kids' clothes (before-school-starts purge alert!) and their toys, but it's starting to feel like home again! I really do appreciate everything they did do to make my homecoming feel good...all the good, the bad, and even the ugly, I appreciated every bit of it.

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