Thursday, August 13, 2009


I make my bed every day. Even if it's a crazy day, and I don't get to it at all, I'll still make it right before I get into it. I just like getting into a made bed!

It drives Erik batty, because I even do it when I'm staying at a hotel. I can't help it! I get up, I make the bed.

When I was leaving this morning, I couldn't resist stopping to take a picture, because I hadn't even realized that I had done it until I was walking out the door. Quirky? Or mental illness? *cough* You decide. :)


  1. I vote quirky!! Hey did you hit the yarn shop? I can just see you leaving clothes so you can bring more yarn home:)

  2. Well seeing as I am exactly like what you described then it is neither quirky or a sign of mental illness....Its normal and correct behavior :^)

  3. Betty ~ Did I hit the yarn shop? Oh yes I did!! I was very restrained though, and I'll share what I got after I'm all unpacked!

    Patty ~ lol Good to know we're *both* perfectly normal!