Thursday, August 27, 2009

Palm of My Heart

Tomorrow is Friday, and it's the close of a very trying week for me. I'm looking for some peace tonight. I used some advice from a first grade classroom, about what to do when you're missing your mommy.

Scotty was fussing and not wanting to sleep. I crawled into bed with him and showed him what the first graders had explained. See, if you have to be away from somebody you love, they could kiss the palm of your hand before they leave. Then, when you're feeling sad and lonely, the kiss will travel from the palm of your hand up to your heart. And if you still feel sad and lonely, you could touch your heart and place your hand on your cheek. Then it's like you're getting a kiss from the person you miss.

I kissed his palm and touched his heart. He giggled. There is peace in his giggle, and I am hoping that's enough for tonight. Tomorrow will be better, I know.


  1. Oh..I hope Scotty has a better day today. Hope you ALL have a great weekend together!

  2. There's a book -- which we are reading right now in anticipation of school starting -- that is built around that idea. It's called "The Kissing Hand" and it's about a cute little raccoon and his mommy. (

  3. Bless his little heart. It isn't easy to grow
    up . Such a cute idea those little first graders had. Bet some of them experienced what Scotty is going through. Happy Friday!