Friday, August 7, 2009

Until Then

Well, I'm tired. Really, really, really tired! I worked this week, and I'm working again next week. I know, people work all the time! But these week-long professional institutes are just so much work. I work late into the night, and I'm up early-early-early in the morning. Like, no later than 5 AM kind of early. Which, no offense to any early-risers out there, but that's like the the middle of the night in my world.

I'll finish up today at the institute I'm working this week, work all afternoon and evening to make sure I have everything I need to head out of state on Sunday for the institute next week, and then try to spend Saturday nesting and snuggling and getting ready to miss this life, these littles, and that man.

I'm going to hate it.

A week isn't so bad. I'll enjoy some 'me' time in the evenings, I'm sure. I'll explore and hike in the beautiful woods, read in the bath tub, and eat entire meals without having to get up and do something for somebody else. I'll knit in the park, work hard on a sewing project, and I'll even be able to hear myself think.

I'm going to love it.


  1. I love how you start out hating to go and then convince yourself that it actually will be great "me" time for you. Have a happy trip!

  2. Betty ~ haha! That actually happened *while* I was writing! I just decided to bring my bike with me, so the love meter just went a little higher.

    Tra ~ I'm going to Ashland in Oregon. It's supposed to be great! Wish I was going to Texas...:(

  3. Oh..don't wish you were coming here right now. It is horribly hot and dry. We are having an awful drought. But it would have been great anyway. Miss you!