Monday, August 31, 2009

Round Robin ~ My Block

A very special package came in the mail today! I was pretty excited, as you can see!

I wanted to enjoy every moment of the grand unveiling of our round robin, so I waited until after dinner, chores, baths and books, and everything in between, was done for the evening.

I carefully pulled the quilt out of the package, and found it wrapped beautifully in a bag that I am guessing (it's an intelligent guess, to be sure!) was added by Miss Brit.

The quilt block itself was wrapped inside out, and as I carefully unfolded it...I fell in love. I just don't know how else to say it! It is the happiest, silliest, most adorable thing I've ever seen! These pictures, this camera, nothing could do it justice. When you see it in person, you just grin!

Part of what tickles me so, is that I started with this ridiculous block here. My first quilt block, that I ever made! I told the story of the quilt block here. Every stitch had meaning to me, but I actually sent a note apologizing that it was such a freak show, and that I would understand if they just couldn't do anything with it!

This little heart, tucked into this little pocket, is a favorite. I mean, I know I did it, so I hope it doesn't sound too ridiculous, but I have been so worried about working on everybody else's that I had put my own right out of my mind. So seeing this was a happy treat, as I had forgotten about it.

Jessica got it first, and she added this adorable embroidered interpretation of the SF run I was paying tribute to with my original story block. You can't see it in this picture, but there's a wee little 'me' coming into the frame in the lower right!

So then it looked like this. She's so clever!

When Brit worked on the block, she added the goddess. Look at that sun and moon fabric! I could swoon. The colors are so tart and amazing in person. This one made me teary. And I'm not a weeper, but dang. I'm only human! Except I'm a goddess too. Thanks for the reminder, Miss Britt.

I just can't get over their creativity! This is what the block looked like when it was sent to Juls.

I haven't shown the pictures yet of the last block I've been working on. It belongs to Jessica, and I'm the last person to work on it before I'll send it back to her. I held onto her block for almost the whole month (now I'm furiously working to get it done so I can send it out in the next few days!) because I was really struggling with how/what to add. The reason? What Britt and Juls had already done was amazing. Juls did this window pane effect, using the precious fabric that Brit had used (from a childhood dress, no less!) and a gorgeous border. I have been totally in awe the whole month, at whatever possessed her to do what she did. It was perfect, and it gives me a stomach ache trying to work on it now!

And now look what Juls added to the final border on mine! Isn't it amazing? I just LOVE it! She pulled in all the crazy fabrics from my original block, and wrapped the whole thing in the entire story, one more time! And that is not the same sun and moon fabric that Brit used, but it is sun and moon (and earth!) and doesn't it just pull everything together so perfectly??? It's just too precious.

When I look at it here, I am just so taken by their boldness! Here I was, worried that my choices were just too nutty, and yet they didn't back down at all. The border fabric is a happy little circus, and Juls pulled in a turquoise that somehow compliments it all. The moon and stars fabric with the goddess is pure the best possible way!

And I love it. Truly, truly, truly, I adore it. Me encanta!

Thank you Brit, for organizing this! And thank you Juls and Jessica and Brit for all your thoughtful creativity...I am totally smitten.


  1. I am SO very happy. Just as you held photos of Jessica's, I held my pictures too. My story posted last night. .